Conveniently located in the Howick Village, the Forte School of Music offers the same quality instrumental instruction as our other Music Education Centre locations, as well as the full range of preschool music courses from the international “Forte” network.

    With a focus on making lessons educational and fun for children, our East Auckland locations also offers adults and teenagers the opportunity to have personalised tuition on a range of instruments – from accordion to guitar, drums to violin, piano and flute and even singing lessons!


As Auckland’s largest independent specialist music lesson provider, our lessons are always in demand. Whether you are ready to take the next step and book lessons with us straight away, or would like more information about our expert tuition and great teachers, or perhaps even want some advice on the best instrument for you – fill in the form below and book a call so we can have a chat and find the best way to help you with your musical needs. We have lessons for all ages, all levels, with diverse range of instruments available all across Auckland, so get in touch TODAY.