Make a difference in children’s lives and work with the Music Education Centre!

As Auckland’s leading specialist music education provider, the Music Education Centre offers teachers a unique opportunity.

For experienced teachers, the center invites you to join a team of like-minded colleagues working together to share the joy of making music with students of all ages and levels.

For those thinking of taking up music teaching and having advanced musical skills, this is the pathway to gaining that all-important experience of becoming a music educator.

With the ability to seek guidance from colleagues and the central leadership, we also provide ongoing professional development opportunities. There is also the option of using unique beginner courses for the youngest piano students.

The center’s administrative team is always there to assist with all of the “non-musical” parts of being an instrumental teacher. From booking new students to generating student accounts to help with collecting fees and arranging performance opportunities, the Music Education Centre has over 40 years of experience assisting teachers in delivering lessons that make a difference in students’ lives.

Partnering with 39 Primary and Intermediate Schools across Auckland and affiliations with the international Forte School of Music chain, the Music Education Centre can offer teaching opportunities on weekdays, weekends, afternoons, and evenings. What better way to take your musical future to the next level?

Current Vacancies

  • Advanced Level Pianist Wanted Grade 8 or Higher

    With teaching opportunities available throughout the school day and afternoons, evenings, and weekends, the Music Education Centre can offer piano teachers the chance to give lessons at times that suit you!

    Teachers working with the center have the flexibility to structure one-to-one piano lessons to the needs of each student while at the same time having contact with other teachers to support and give guidance when required. Students are given regular performance opportunities and can choose to sit exams from recognized syllabuses.

    If you are an advanced level pianist with formal musical education of at least grade 8, then the Music Education Centre may have the opportunities you are looking for. Over time, teachers have the chance to build up from part-time work into a full-time professional career.

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  • Teachers of Other Instruments Wanted

    Whether you play the violin, saxophone, accordion, or any of the 15 different instruments offered at the Music Education Centre, there is an opportunity for you to earn money teaching the next generation of budding musicians. All you need is advanced level skills on your instrument and a belief in musical education’s value. With administrative support and guidance from other experienced teachers, this role is suitable for beginner and experienced music tutors alike.

    We offer lessons to students of all ages, but the center specializes in school-aged students and starting them towards their musical future in one-on-one personalized tuition. You can choose how to structure lessons and what materials to use, although formal examination goals are always encouraged.

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  • Drums Teachers Wanted

    Top-level drummers know that technique and skill are essential to master the kit. That is why the Music Education Centre looks for drum teachers that can get students to have fun and play the songs they love whilst also introducing technical work, reading and transcription.

    Teachers working with the Music Education Centre don’t have to do it alone. When you join our team, you will work alongside other professional drum teachers who have been giving lessons for many years and are happy to share their experience and knowledge with their colleagues.

    Annual teacher training workshops, with hands-on sessions, allow drummers to refine their skills and show why playing the drums is a great activity for students of all ages.

    Music Education Centre drum lessons get students to play the music they like from the radio. In recent years, the center has worked closely with the internationally acclaimed Rockschool examinations to supplement our instruction with the additional benefits of a structured and recognized curriculum.

    Suppose you can read drum scores and are an advanced-level drummer. In that case, the Music Education Centre can help you get started in a part-time role, with the possibility of building up so that in the future, you may be able to consider a full-time career on the drums!

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  • Guitar Teachers Wanted

    The guitar is the perfect instrument to share music with others, and the Music Education Centre offers an excellent opportunity for you to take your skills as a musician and help students explore this most versatile of instruments.

    Students of all ages, particularly those in primary school, love discovering the joy of music-making. Teachers with the Music Education Centre can concentrate on delivering lessons while the center takes care of most of the administration, billing, and, most importantly, finding the students. Teachers need to be able to turn their hand to various skills, from chords to reading musical scores and tab.

    Working alongside other professional guitarists allows you to share resources and teach ideas, so you don’t have to constantly think about what to teach next. Annual teacher training workshops also help you discover some of the countless resources, books, and materials available, including guidance on preparing students for performance and, in some cases, even exams.

    If you love playing the guitar, can read music, and want to make extra income in a part-time role, with the possibility of perhaps becoming a full-time guitar teacher, then this could be your dream job!

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  • Group Class Teaching

    It is gratifying to see children loving their music lessons, having fun, and starting a lifetime of musical enjoyment. One of the biggest challenges for piano teachers is knowing how to keep little ones engaged, learning, and progressing in a course that provides a comprehensive music education.

    The Music Education Centre is proud to offer an innovative and unique teaching approach using the “Forte School of Music” courses. These courses give you a proven curriculum, with course books, lesson plans, and additional professional development and support to make you a leading educator for younger students.

    These lessons are perfect for new and experienced piano teachers because most of the lesson preparation is done. This structure is ideal for those who want a head start in finding out what works for kids.

    Small group tuition gives young students many real-life advantages over the more traditional one-on-one lessons we are used to with older children. Forte’s tried and tested whole-body learning techniques make the lessons fun and interactive. In addition, having students learn to make music with others helps develop aural and social skills. Combined with traditional theory in a fun and innovative way sets students up with a solid broad musical foundation.

    Teachers working with us in providing these group classes for under-7’s become a part of the international network of teachers from as far away as the UK through to Australia. All delivering music in this most wholistic way.

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