Primary school age is possibly the best time to start learning a musical instrument. Children who take music lessons find that many of the skills they learn transfer to give them an advantage in other areas of their education. At this age, the brain is set up for learning, and with the guidance of the Music Education Centre’s specialist teachers, it is the perfect way to start working towards a bright future of musical potential.

    One to one instruction at this age allows lessons to be structured to the student’s own pace, and provides the all-important encouragement to nurture their self-confidence. With a range of instruments available, the Music Education Centre can provide a wide variety of options to ensure that music lessons are not only educational but also FUN!

    By choosing lessons with the Music Education Centre for your child, you are not only giving them a great head start in their learning, you are providing a skill that can last them a lifetime of enjoyment. And remember, it is not just your child who can end up being proud of their musical achievements – parents too should be proud of their part in helping make the world a little bit more musical!


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