The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to play for all ages. Although we recommend children start one-on-one lessons at seven and a half years old.

Playing the guitar has so many benefits.

Our students get huge personal gratification as they can master the guitar quite quickly.

In fact, after just the first lesson our students are able to play a recognisable tune. After the first term, they should be able to strum away to six tunes. And after a year, they’ll be able to strum along to their favourite music tunes.

Parents often tell us they can also see the positive social impact it has on their kids as they’re acknowledged and respected by their peers. They also love having music in their home as their children gain confidence and play for friends and family. Many of our students also join bands – which really boosts their confidence.


Music Education Centre is one of the leading providers of guitar classes in Auckland. We have options for complete beginners and those with some knowledge and experience. We also offer advanced guitar classes for anyone wanting to take their playing abilities to the next level.
We offer guitar tuition in around 40 primary and intermediate schools throughout Auckland. We also have four centres where we offer one-on-one tuition in Glenfield, Henderson, Ponsonby and Howick.
We can also help if you want your child to take a guitar exam to get an internationally recognised qualification. We offer a relaxed and fully supportive experience for them.
We provide you with regular assessments on how your child is progressing. This includes progress reports twice a year.
We put on regular performances at each of our centres that your child can take part in. Children love this experience and enjoy being able to show off their new skills.



re you interested in booking your child in for guitar lessons in Auckland, including West Auckland, or North Shore? Read our FAQs for some helpful information. You can also contact us if you have a specific query.

How old does my child need to be to start learning the guitar?

The first thing to say in answer to this question is every child is different. The experience of every guitar teacher in Auckland is different too. Therefore, the answer here is a general one that applies to most children.

For us at The Music Education Centre, music lessons for children under seven should be about having fun, building confidence, and getting a good foundation. In other words, it shouldn’t necessarily be about focusing in on one instrument.

The best time to start selecting an instrument to learn is when children hit primary school age – at around seven. We find that children at this age are ready for lessons and get a lot out of them.

What is the best age to start learning the guitar?

Like the question above, there is no set answer to this question except that just about anyone from the age of seven to 70 and above can learn the guitar if they have the motivation. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your child is seven, 11, or 15 – if they want to learn the guitar, we can teach them.

Remember, motivation is crucial when learning an instrument. Your child’s guitar teacher will have extensive experience providing tuition in Auckland, and they will do their best to get your child enthusiastic about the guitar and learning how to play it. However, it is also important your child wants to learn.

Does my child need to practice between lessons?

We absolutely recommend that your child practices the guitar between their lessons here at The Music Education Centre. The more time they spend with their guitar, the better.

The above doesn’t mean you should force your child to practice when they don’t want to or are too tired. Forcing the issue won’t help. However, your child’s teacher will encourage them to practice as much as possible, and it helps if you can also reinforce this message.

How often and for how long should my child practice the guitar each week?

From our experience, good quality guitar practice is much better than rushed or forced practice. In other words, it is usually better to spend 10 minutes a day practicing when your child is relaxed and having fun with the guitar than trying to cram in 30 minutes of practice before you have to leave for your music lesson.

Rather than focusing on ensuring your child practices enough each week, it is better if you provide encouragement as well as the opportunity to practice. Your child should have access to a suitable guitar, and they will need space to practice without any siblings telling them to keep quiet. Encouragement, a guitar, and space to practice without interruptions will significantly help your child’s guitar learning journey.



We run one-on-one lessons every term and you only need to commit on a month-by-month basis at our Music Centres, and by term for Music In Schools lessons.

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